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Introduction to MySQL Cross Tabb Query

There is nothing like “PIVOT” of SQL Sever 2005 and later versions in MySQL Database to accomplish Cross Tabb Quires. But it can be done using IF here. However, you can not execute Cross Tabb Query for unknown values in MySQL Server which is somehow possible in SQL Server. You can have a look at my posting on SQL Server Cross Tabb Quires. Let’s jump into coding to explore MySQL Cross Tabb query. Continue reading


Cross Tab Using CASE Expression, PIVOT, PIVOT with Dynamic Column Value in SQL SERVER 2005

Cross Tab Query or Report is one of the coolest features of Database Programming. Here, I am going to explain Cross Tab Query using CASE Expression and PIVOT. However, PIVOT is only available in SQL Server 2005 or later version.

Let’s create t_SaleReport table and insert some demo data in it.
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