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Windows Service Setup Project – Visual Studio 2008

Windows Service Setup Project differs a bit from Windows Application (Desktop) Setup Project. Consider those following steps to create Setup Project for Windows Service Application.

# Right Click on Solution and Add New Project to your Solution.

# Choose Other Project Type and Setup and Deployment and finally Setup Project to create a new Project, give it meaningful Name. For instance, My Windows Service Project name is ReportDownloader and my Setup Project Name is SetupReportDownloader.

# Right Click on SetupReportDownloader=> Add => Project Output, Finally Select the Project you want to create Setup Project for and Select Primary Out and Click OK to continue.

# Up to this, it is same as Windows Application. Now for Windows Service, Right Click on SetupReportDownloader=>View=>Custom Action. Continue reading

Adding reference to System.Configuration in Visual Studio 2008

To add a reference of System.Configuration/ Configuration in Visual Studio 2008
# In Solution Explorer, right-click the project node and click Add Reference.
# In the Add Reference dialog box, select the .NET tab and select System.Configuration from the list and then click OK.
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How to install Windows Service manually

There are two types of Windows Service Installation i.e. One is creating setup project, the other is installing the EXE manually. Here, I am trying to put up some tricks together for the later one.

First of all, Windows Service installation can be done using Visual Studio 2005/2008 Command Prompt. That means, you need Visual Studio installed in your target machine. Have a look at those simple Commands. Continue reading

Project Deployment in Visual Studio 2008

Project Deployment is always a critical issue. Those following steps show how easily you can deploy your developed desktop projects. Setup and Deployment project for Desktop project can be of different types; Simple ones are Setup Project and Setup Wizard.

Here, I have chosen Setup Wizard type project to deploy the developed project.

Click Next to continue.

Choose setup type for windows application.

You can add image or text here file if you want.

Click Finish to create the Setup Project.

Select this newly created project, right click on it then click on properties to view the project properties. You can change Icon and title or other properties as marked in image.

Now, add the project you want to deploy as shown in image.

Add Project Output.

Select the project you want to deploy and click OK to continue.

Dependent DLLs or Dot Net Framework will added to Deployment Project.

Right Click on Deployment project and then select view. Clicking File System will bring you here. Now, you can create a folder in program menu and can add project output to it.

Click on User Interface to open the next window.

In User Interface, you can add dialog.

Here, I choose a Customer Informatiom Dialog to add in User Interface.

You can modify Customer Informatiom properties.

Last of all, you need to build your solution. Now, we have our setup file ready in project’s debug folder. However, this is a very simple kind of project deployment in Visual Studio 2008, more appropriately this one will just help to start.

A Rahim Khan