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Useful Linux Commands for Database Administrations

I am going to put together some useful Linux/AIX Commands for Database Administration.

$ echo $ORACLE_SID 
# if you don't get any output, use this following one to set ORACLE_SID. 
$ export ORACLE_SID = oracleinstanceid 
# Now, check out ORACLE_HOME, PATH value. 
$ echo $ORACLE_HOME 
  oracle home directory 
$ echo $PATH 
  path value 

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Schema Name and Size using SQL

You can use this query to retrieve Schema Name and Size from Oracle Database.

select owner SchemaName, round(sum(bytes)/1024/1024/1024,2) TotalSizeGB
from dba_segments
group by owner
order by 2 desc

A Rahim Khan

Oracle Database shutdown and start up Commands

Sometimes, Programmers may have to go through some Database Administrative Tasks on Oracle Development Database. Here, I tried to put together Some Linux/Oracle Commands useful to shutdown and start up Oracle Database.

First of all, Log on to System(Linux) as “oracle” user or su to “oracle” using the following command.

$ su - oracle

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Creating, Dropping and Altering Tablespace using SQL Commands in Oracle

You can create Tablespace using this SQL Command.

create tablespace table_space_name
datafile '/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/oradata/practiceab/table_space_test.dbf' size 100k
autoextend on next 10m maxsize 300m;

To drop any Tablespace in Oracle use this following query.

DROP TABLESPACE table_space_name

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Tablespace status in Oracle

I find this query (googling) that produces nice formatted tablespace status. Here is the query

SELECT /* + RULE */  df.tablespace_name "Tablespace",
       df.bytes / (1024 * 1024) "Size (MB)",
       SUM(fs.bytes) / (1024 * 1024) "Free (MB)",
       Nvl(Round(SUM(fs.bytes) * 100 / df.bytes),1) "% Free",
       Round((df.bytes - SUM(fs.bytes)) * 100 / df.bytes) "% Used"
  FROM dba_free_space fs,
       (SELECT tablespace_name,SUM(bytes) bytes
          FROM dba_data_files
         GROUP BY tablespace_name) df
 WHERE fs.tablespace_name (+)  = df.tablespace_name
 GROUP BY df.tablespace_name,df.bytes
SELECT /* + RULE */ df.tablespace_name tspace,
       fs.bytes / (1024 * 1024),
       SUM(df.bytes_free) / (1024 * 1024),
       Nvl(Round((SUM(fs.bytes) - df.bytes_used) * 100 / fs.bytes), 1),
       Round((SUM(fs.bytes) - df.bytes_free) * 100 / fs.bytes)
  FROM dba_temp_files fs,
       (SELECT tablespace_name,bytes_free,bytes_used
          FROM v$temp_space_header
         GROUP BY tablespace_name,bytes_free,bytes_used) df
 WHERE fs.tablespace_name (+)  = df.tablespace_name
 GROUP BY df.tablespace_name,fs.bytes,df.bytes_free,df.bytes_used

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Oracle Listener Commands in Linux

Here, I tried to put together some very basic Oracle Listener Commands in Linux.
Oracle Listener Status:

$ lsnrctl status

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