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Using Upsizing Wizard in MS Access 2003 to link tables with MS SQL Server 2005

MS Access is still in use as Database for some its useful features. Few days earlier, I have a situation like I need to develop Reports from Access Database but, truly speaking, I am afraid of writing quires in MS Access, may be, for its limitations. First of all, I think of exporting this database to SQL Server but better alternative is Link Manager or Upsizing Wizard.

1) Click on Upsizing Wizard.

2) Check Create new database.

3) Check Use Trusted Connection. However, if your SQL Database is on other Computer in Network use Login ID and Password to connect Database Server.

4) Move table or tables from Left to Right Pane you want to export.

5) Click Next.

6) Check Link SQL Server tables to existing application and Click Next.

7) Click Finish.

8) You can remove local copy of tables.

Now, MS Access application will work as it was working before linking with MS SQL Server and data will be stored, modified or deleted in SQL Server as well. You can enjoy full-fledged liberty of SQL Server to format data.

A Rahim Khan