C# date validation

There is no direct built-in function or method to validate DateTime Data Type in C#. This following self-explanatory code snippet shows a method that takes string as argument and validates it using ParseExact Method of DateTime. Moreover, you can choose any Date Format / Style for validation.

private Boolean validateDate(string businessDate)
  Boolean dateValidationResult = true;
    IFormatProvider culture = new CultureInfo("fr-FR",true);
    DateTime.ParseExact(businessDate, "dd/MM/yyyy", culture);
  catch (Exception exceptionObject)
    dateValidationResult = false;
  return dateValidationResult;

You can use it in this way to validate Date.

if (this.validateDate(businessDateTextBox.Text)== false)
  MessageBox.Show("Please write Accurate Business Date");
  validationResult = false;        

A Rahim Khan

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