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How to install Windows Service manually

There are two types of Windows Service Installation i.e. One is creating setup project, the other is installing the EXE manually. Here, I am trying to put up some tricks together for the later one.

First of all, Windows Service installation can be done using Visual Studio 2005/2008 Command Prompt. That means, you need Visual Studio installed in your target machine. Have a look at those simple Commands. Continue reading

Form Closing Event in C# (Windows Application)

Sometimes, Developers don’t want Users to close or leave a Form right away as Application still has some back ground process going on or it requires a confirmation before closing. In C# Windows Application, you can code at FormClosing Event. Have a look at this code snippet. Continue reading

Modal From in C#

Almost all Desktop Application Developers are familiar with Modal Form. It restricts user from opening any other Forms without closing the opened one. Do you know how to get this done in C# ? If your answer is “NO”, you are at the right place. It’s very simple. Continue reading

Introduction to MySQL Cross Tabb Query

There is nothing like “PIVOT” of SQL Sever 2005 and later versions in MySQL Database to accomplish Cross Tabb Quires. But it can be done using IF here. However, you can not execute Cross Tabb Query for unknown values in MySQL Server which is somehow possible in SQL Server. You can have a look at my posting on SQL Server Cross Tabb Quires. Let’s jump into coding to explore MySQL Cross Tabb query. Continue reading