Detecting Simple Networking / Connectivity Problems

Can you think of an hour without Connectivity, particularly in business places? Most of us depend on Network Connectivity for our daily job. So, what happens when you are not able to connect your Server, you end up calling your Networking Guy. Here, I am going to describe some easy and handful tricks to detect most of your networking troubles.

# First of all, check out your Computer’s LAN Card. Go to Run from Start Menu, Click on it. However, you can do the same from Command Prompt.

# Write “ping localhost” in the Window. Press Enter or Click on Open. If you receive message like “Destination Unreachable”, your LAN Card is not working properly.

# Now “ping Your Router IP Address” to check out whether the ROUTER is OK or not.

# Finally, you can trace your ping to target IP. For tracing IP, just run “tracert Your target IP Address” to identify where the Data Packet starts missing. Check out if all of your Converters, Switches are on and whether data starts missing after your Router IP or one or some of IP provided by your Network Provider.

Not anymore!! I am not a Networking Guy. I try those steps before calling my Networking friend. You may give a try too!!

A Rahim Khan

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