CASE Expression in SQL Server 2005

SQL CASE Expression can be used effectively and efficiently with SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE Command or with WHERE, HAVING Clause. Here, I am going to show the use of CASE with SELECT Command.

CREATE TABLE t_Education
EducationID int IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
ApplicantID int NOT NULL,
ExamName nvarchar(20) NULL,
MajorName nvarchar(20) NULL,
ResultCode smallint NULL,
CGPA float NULL,
OutOfCGPA float NULL

INSERT INTO t_Education(ApplicantID,ExamName,MajorName,ResultCode,CGPA,OutOfCGPA)
VALUES(1,’School Certificate’,’Science’,1,0,0)

INSERT INTO t_Education(ApplicantID,ExamName,MajorName,ResultCode,CGPA,OutOfCGPA)
VALUES(1,’College Certificate’,’Science’,2,0,0)

INSERT INTO t_Education(ApplicantID,ExamName,MajorName,ResultCode,CGPA,OutOfCGPA)
VALUES(1,’Graduation’,’Computer Science’,3,3.31,4)

SELECT ExamName,MajorName,ResultCode,CGPA,OutOfCGPA FROM t_Education


Result for without CASE Expression

ResultCode field in t_Education table expects only one of following values.

1 => ‘First Class’
2 => ‘Second Class’
3 => ‘Grade’

However, for the last one of those values, user will insert values for CGPA and OutOfCGPA as well. Let us discover effectiveness of CASE Expression to format the output.

SELECT ExamName,MajorName,
CASE ResultCode
WHEN 1 THEN ‘First Class’
WHEN 2 THEN ‘Second Class’
WHEN 3 THEN CAST(CGPA as nvarchar(4)) +’ Out of ‘ + CAST(OutOfCGPA as nvarchar(4))
AS “Result”
FROM t_Education


Result with CASE Expression

Last but not least, using CASE Expression in SQL Query is always appreciated as it reduces execution time and resource consumption. For instance, you can generate this above formatted output using CURSOR, don’t even think of it. You should not use Cursor until on unless all other alternatives fail!!!!

A Rahim Khan

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